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Get Sh*t Done

Ever since the start of the pandemic we have been still trying to get sh*t done. I saw this in my line of work as a Project Manager and as a lecturer. Where just because there was a pandemic it never stopped clients from pushing for their online plans for 2020. In fact because of the pandemic it pushed more and more business to be able to adapt to an online environment. The same goes for teaching, where students will continuously do their best to learn even if the environment of home learning is not the most ideal.

How do we get sh*t done

The very first step to actually get sh*t done is actually not to view it as a negative in the first place. When I have a task that I feel is not pleasant to do, I build up the idea that if this does not get done then it will just get worse. After working for a few years now, one thing is apparent there are there is never a forget, it always has to get done. If you are still studying and you think that its okay to forget an assignment or a due date just remember that it will always have an effect on you whether small or large.

Any tips for getting stuff done?

Here are a few of the hacks I have learned to be able to jumpstart my productivity.

  1. MAKE A LIST – it may seem very simple but whenever I read about productivity a list always seems to be present. Whether it be digital or physical version just having it will help.
  2. DO NOT DO IT – There are some tasks that you are not meant to do but rather just be informed about. Being able to realize that you do not have to be doing every single task in an email is really important so that you do not waste your time.
  3. TIME IS EVERYTHING – Time is the most valuable human resource, make sure you can manage your time when doing this. When we work we tend to lose our sense of time when we go into a state of Flow. Just like if we are hyper focused on a task everything seems to just not be present.

My Productivity Practices

  1. Get out of the house

When I was still studying I really did not enjoy studying at home if given the choice I would study outside. The temptation to just fall asleep or procrastinate was always there. This is why coffee shops and fast food restaurants became my home for my junior and senior years of college. The distraction of falling asleep was replaced by the lights in the shop, the noise of cats fighting was replaced by the sound of people being productive and ambient music.

2. Clear desk policy

I would always try to make sure that my desk was clear of a lot of distractions and really try to limit the number of things that could distract me from doing. This did 2 things for me, the first is that at the start of everyday I was not reminded by the problems of yesterday. The second is that at the end of everyday I mentally tell myself to stop working and relax.

These are just some of the things I try to keep in mind when I get sh*t done