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My 2021 Plans

2020 is finally over and a new year is here, BUT what is this new year but basically saying twenty twenty won (one). We all made our new year’s resolutions, however for me I prefer to think of my New Year resolutions as guiding goals I can achieve at each part of the year.

I have recently seen a few posts on social media about how we shouldn’t blame 2020 for being a bad year. Yes we say 2020 is the year of Taal Eruption and COVID and will go down as a difficult year. BUT 2020 is just a number anyway, it is up to us to make the most of it and now going into a new year we have to take what 2020 has given us and learn from it to a brighter 2021.

What do I plan to do for 2021?

Here is a sneak peek to what I plan to do for 2021 and making the most of every opportunity given.

  1. Maintain this website its fun to know that I have a bit of the internet just for me that is not controlled by anyone else but me.
  2. Clean up my files, in our digital age it is easy to just store and store files, but we also need to remove our digital clutter.
  3. Intentionally read, in one part of this site is Learning from Books, where I will layout the books I have read so far and the meaningful insights I have gotten from these.