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My New Hobby?


Over the past few months, I have been working on a new activity of running.Not the intense running and blistering pace, but more on just challenging yourself healthy exercise running. I would say I am a definitely not a fast runner, but I always try to run more consistent every day.

When I started, I was only able to do a few kilometers but now I am able to reach 10KM. It is very fulfilling to improve your pace even by just one second or even go a bit further. I always view this as a challenge to myself to get a little better every day. The biggest turning point I experienced was that I chose to run a 5KM guided run. I was surprised to find out that at the end it was actually an 8KM run I completed. This run pushed me and motivated me that I can always give a bit more effort.


One of the biggest benefits I get from running is that it becomes my escape. When I wear my earphones it becomes my world and no one can distract me(except for cars). One of my favorite things to listen to while running are podcasts about technology, productivity and comedy. It surprised how receptive my brain was to content even while doing this kind of activity.

Even if you are just starting out, I really recommend talking a walk, jog or run. This became my daily stress reliever and this allowed me to get fresh air everyday. In the end I feel that whenever I run I do something to improve myself. Whenever I do these runs or jogs it reminds me of the times you can walk from your office or just explore. If you have any apprehensions about it just remember all you need to do is take one step.