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Tech Habits

One of the strict habits I have when it comes to technology is to be able to make sure to get it out of my life. Weird to hear that from a tech focused person but thats the point, my life already has tech in it so much, if given the chance to be able to get rid of it for an hour I would. Focusing on the idea of everything in moderation

In my student life the most I could do sitting down in front of the computer locked in would be 2 hours. Anything more than that I really was just watching other videos or not really paying attention to what I needed to be doing. This gets worse when you get into working, typically being able to sit down for 3-4 hours because of a meeting in front of your computer does empower the brain to think any better and make you cranky in the end.

A few of the tech habits I have acquired across the years.

  1. SHUT DOWN TECHNOLOGY – Give some time back to yourself it can be 5 minutes of you just focusing on your environment just try to make sure technology is not near you
  2. HEALTH IS IMPORTANT – Modern tech companies focus on the health aspect of their devices, try to put this into your life like knowing how many steps you take in a day and always try to
  3. LESS IS MORE – You don’t need to have 50 windows open on your computer the less you are able to have open at a time will also benefit you in the long run and your computer will thank you for it.